Hurricane Season Is Here Again. Check Out This Good Advice From The RI Insurance Division.

The time to prepare for a hurricane is NOW! Here is a very good guide from the RI Insurance Division specificaly for consumers. It outline steps you can begin to take now to minimize the impact a hurricane might have on you and your family.

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And don’t forget….IF YOU WANT COVERAGE FOR FLOOD.. YOU MUST BUY A FLOOD POLICY! The homeowners and other property policies DO NOT COVER FLOOD!
Ask us for a quote and information about the National Flood Insurance Program.

Should I buy life insurance on my child?

This is a good article from the III about why you should buy life insurance for your children and what things you should consider.

Click here for the full story from III Life insurance for a child

We have a deeply personal reason for recommending the purchase of life insurance early in a child’s life.

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How do I file a homeowners claim?

If someone has become injured on your property or if a violent storm destroys your home, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company. Remember, a homeowners policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. And there are rules and procedures that you and your insurer must follow. Read your insurance policy to see what your responsibilities are.

Report any crime to the police If you are the victim of a theft or your home has been vandalized or burglarized, report it to the police. Get a police report and the names of all law enforcement officers that you speak with.

Phone your agent or company immediately Insurance policies place a time limit on filing claims. Find out what the time limit is. Ask questions: Am I covered? Does my claim exceed my deductible? (Your deductible is the amount of loss you agree to pay yourself when you buy a policy.) How long will it take to process my claim? Will I need to obtain estimates for repairs to structural damage?

Make temporary repairs Take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage. Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Prepare a list of lost or damaged articles You are going to need to substantiate your loss. Avoid throwing out damaged items until the adjuster has visited your home. You should also consider photographing or videotaping the damage. Prepare a home inventory, make a copy for your adjuster and supply him or her with copies of receipts from damaged items.

If you need to relocate, keep your receipts If your home is severely damaged and you need to find other accommodations while repairs are being made, keep records of all additional expenses incurred. Most homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for the “loss of use” of your home.

Get claim forms Once your insurance company has been notified of your claim, the company is required to send you the necessary claim forms to you by the end of a specified time period. (The time period varies from state to state.) Return the properly filled out forms as soon as possible in order to avoid delays.

Have an adjuster inspect the damage to your home Your insurance company will probably arrange for an adjuster to come and inspect your home.

Once you and your insurance company agree on the terms of your settlement, state laws require that you be sent payment promptly. In most cases, your claim will be processed quickly. If you have any questions about the claim filing laws in your state, call your insurance agent or your state department of insurance.

Courtesy of The Insurance Information Institute

Hurricane Season Is Here So It’s Time To Prepare!

Here is a good article about things you can do to prepare NOW in case a storm comes our way!


Want to make a little money on the side? Don’t assume you are covered! See this article about Uber

Personal auto policies were never intended to cover you if you were getting paid to drive people around like a taxi cab but all over the country people are charging forward with ride sharing services like Uber. This is an interesting article that points out some of the potential problems.

Avoiding Insurance Mistakes: Five Tips

Times are tough for sure but don’t make these 5 Insurance Mistakes as you try to save money. Call us any time at 401-738-3366 for a free consultation and an insurance program that fits your unique needs!

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Determining the Right “Value” for Property Insurance Purposes

How do I know what the correct “value” is for insurance purposes?
Watch this short video presentation to answer this question:

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Understanding Coinsurance (Video)

A clear, understandable explaination of what coinsurance is, how it applies, and what you should know!

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The Basics of Businessowners Insurance (Video)

Here is a short video about the basics of insurance for business owners

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