60th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating 60 Years of Service

Celebrating 60 Years of Service

On April 15, 1949 an ambitious young man named George Slocum made a decision that would impact his family for generations to come. On that day, George decided that he was going to start his own insurance agency and, with the support of his young wife Hazel, he created what would become The Slocum Agency, Inc. a full service, professional Independent Insurance and Real Estate agency in their home town of Warwick, Rhode Island.  With little other than a used desk stuck in a corner of their rented house, and a recipe box of index card to track both their prospects and policies sold, George began selling his family and friends on his ability to take care of all their insurance needs.  “Count On Us” was his slogan, and that is exactly what a steadily growing customer base did.

When asked about those early years, George tells the story of his first policy which was sold to his wife’s uncle, Ray Kirby.  Ray was an early supporter of George and Hazel’s effort to establish their business and build a better life. In fact, he not only bought the first policy but he also encouraged them to buy their first house (even though at the time they had no money to speak of).  These two actions, coupled with a steadfast determination to succeed, became the essential basis for the economic well being of not only the Slocum’s, but many other families who have been employed by the agency over the years.

From that humble beginning in the small rented house in the Gaspee Point section of Warwick, George and Hazel worked together selling one small policy at time to build a business of great value that would become the economic basis for their family for 60 years to come.  In the 1970’s sons Bob and Phil joined the business and later became the 2ndgeneration owners, determined to carry on following George’s retirement in 1991. Now with the addition of their sons Chris and Nick Slocum, The Slocum Agency, Inc. is entering its 3rdgeneration and serves the insurance and real estate needs of thousands of families and business.

So here we are, 60 years later, still going strong, living a much larger, modified version of the dream conceived by that young couple.  The Slocum Agency, Inc. is well known and highly regarded both inside the industry and in the community as an organization of integrity that is committed not only to doing the right thing for their customers, but also to giving something back to the community through the many volunteer efforts of the family and employees. Basic core values that everyone can be proud of.

So today, on behalf of the entire group of family and friends who have benefited from George and Hazels vision, we take a moment to thank them and to wish everyone involved a Happy 60th Anniversary!

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    Since 1949, the Slocum family has been serving the insurance needs of the people throughout Rhode Island. We provide top quality professional insurance advice combined with old fashion personal service. We believe this philosophy is what makes our agency different from most. The Slocum family members along with a staff of dedicated professionals can provide the right combination of insurance advice (to be sure you buy what you need) and hassle free service (so it’s easy for you!). We believe that top quality customer service, where YOU’RE the most important thing, is what our clients really want, expect and most of all deserve.

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