How to prepare your car for winter

Winter can be a harsh season for cars, especially if they’re not adequately prepared. As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, your vehicle will need extra attention to ensure it runs without any issues. From checking the tires and battery to topping off fluids and changing wiper blades, there are several steps we at The Slocum Agency Inc. recommend you should take before winter arrives to ensure that your car is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it. 

The first thing you should do is check your tires. Cold weather can cause tire pressure to drop, so ensure you have enough air in all four of your tires before the cold sets in. Also, take a look at their tread levels – if they’re low, you may need to replace them with winter-specific tires. Winter tires are specifically designed for better grip and improved handling on snow and ice, which can help keep you safe during those icy drives.

Next, make sure that your battery is ready for winter. If it’s been a few years since you last changed it out, or it seems to be struggling more than usual, now might be a good time to get it tested and replaced. Cold weather can also cause some batteries to fail, so ensuring that yours is fully charged and ready to go is essential. Your car’s fluids are also essential to check before winter arrives. Make sure that your oil, coolant, and brake fluid are all topped off.

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