Tips for making your home safer

Home is where everyone wants to feel safe. Safety means more than just one thing. It can mean being safe from dangers outside the house, but it can also mean being safe from threats within the home. At The Slocum Agency Inc. in Warwick, RI, we want to keep our customers safe from the perils that can damage their home or their lives. While home insurance can’t stop bad things from happening, it can help you survive the terrible things and move forward. 

Change your batteries

Your smoke detector is one of the things in your home that makes it safer. It can’t do its job if it isn’t operational. If it is hardwired, you only need the batteries for backup, but they could make all the difference. Many people find that changing the batteries twice a year when the time changes help them to remember. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, change those batteries simultaneously. 

Remove clutter

In the home, falls are one of the most common injuries. You want to remove all trip hazards. The elderly and the young are the most vulnerable to falls, but no one is immune. Keep your stairs and hallways clutter-free. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Don’t run extension cords where they can cause a trip and fall.  

Keep poison under lock and key

Children and pets can be very inquisitive and resourceful. Don’t underestimate what they can get into. Keep all the medication, cleaning supplies, antifreeze, and anything else that might be poisonous out of sight and reach. Always read the packaging of any chemicals you bring into the home so that you know what is dangerous. 

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