Always Look Behind You!

The very reason people get insurance is so that they won’t go broke in the event of an accident. Read that thing down to the fine print! One big thing insurance won’t get you out of is your own fallibility. Even if you have auto insurance, that’s not an excuse to drive like a lunatic. That’s especially true at a time when everyone has a camera in their back pocket, and businesses may have hidden security cameras everywhere. 

No-Fault and At-Fault

There’s No-Fault Insurance, and there’s At-Fault insurance. No-Fault insurance means each individual insurance company can compensate its policyholder for minor injuries. No regard will be given to who was at fault for the accident. This is available in only twelve states. (Rhode Island is not one of them.) Of these states, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey make buying either form of insurance a choice. Otherwise, the system of insurance is based on tort liability. Each insurance company will pay for the damages suffered with each party’s comparable degree of fault in mind.

How To Tell Whose Fault An Accident Was

This is the claims adjuster’s job. They may look at police reports and speak with witnesses, but these days, they’re most likely to look at the tale of the tape. Many parking lots will have a hidden camera or three on the property. Many streetlights have cameras to catch people running lights, but they can see other things too. And everyone these days has a camera on them in the form of a cell phone. The first thing many people do in the event of an accident is take photos of the damage and send them to their insurance company and lawyer. Make sure everyone’s OK first, then start snapping pictures of the damage. 

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