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Rhode Island commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Rhode Island

If you own a business, it would be wise to have a commercial insurance policy. But commercial insurance policies in Rhode Island can be pretty vague and cover a wide array of items. At The Slocum Agency, Inc., serving the Warwick, RI area, we want you to understand what falls under the commercial insurance umbrella. Here are a few things that may be covered by these type of insurance policies, depending on the coverage you select.

Property Insurance

If you own the building that your business is operated out of, property insurance is a must. It helps to protect the building against different types of damages, including fire and vandalism. If you are renting your space, you may want to look into renter's property insurance policies to cover any damages done to the building that you may be liable for as a renter.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you have any vehicles that are used by you or your employees for business purposes, regular auto insurance will not cover these cars. A commercial vehicle insurance policy is needed to cover the vehicles and the employees that may be driving them.

General Liability Commercial Insurance

The last type of commercial insurance coverage you may need is general liability commercial insurance. This kind of coverage helps to protect you against lawsuits. This may be a lawsuit coming from a person who slips and falls in your business or coverage against a trademark lawsuit that another business entity is filing against you. Commercial lawsuits can be costly and can quickly harm your financial situation. This coverage protects you against that scenario.

Buying commercial insurance in the greater Warwick, RI area can be confusing. When you are looking for a new policy, rely on an expert from The Slocum Agency, Inc. Call us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your Rhode Island commercial insurance needs.

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