Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Insurance is an essential part of the safety net that protects your livelihood, home, and personal property. While policies like homeowner’s, commercial, and auto are an important component of the fabric that makes up this safety net, they aren’t always sufficient to cover big events. An umbrella insurance policy from the Slocum Agency Inc. offers additional protections for your Warwick, RI area home, business, and investment properties. How does umbrella insurance support these other policies?

About Deductibles

In any insurance contract, the deductible is your expected out-of-pocket expenses. Your payouts won’t be triggered until you’ve been billed for at the amount of your deductible.

Some insurance subscribers choose plans with higher deductibles. This saves them a little on their monthly premiums. However, when an event occurs, they could find themselves struggling to come up with enough cash to cover the deductible.

Your umbrella insurance can help cover the cost of your deductible. It can also provide extra funds for repairs and other expenses that might not be covered by your primary policy.

Property, Personal, and Commercial Protection Under One Umbrella

Your umbrella insurance policy can be customized to encompass a number of different coverages. In this way, an umbrella policy provides comprehensive protection for your entire life.

  • Your professional liability insurance is included in the coverage. If you’re sued for liable or causing harm to a client or customer, your umbrella insurance will help pay for your defense.
  • In a large construction site, an accident that causes multiple injuries can quickly eat through your worker’s compensation allowances. Your umbrella insurance can supplement those funds to ensure your workers get everything they need.
  • Even your leisure time is protected with umbrella insurance. Your RVs, ATVs, boats, and other motorized toys can be included in your umbrella coverage.

Umbrella insurance fills in the gaps left behind by your other insurance policies. Learn more about protecting your interests in the Warwick, RI area with umbrella insurance from the Slocum Agency Inc.